NEWS: 25/05/12 Module 2 Firmware 1.8 released -> Added isomenu Mixed disc->Selected
                                                                         backup -> Mixed disc sequence

NEWS: 23/05/12 Module 2 Firmware 1.7 released -> Added Autoscan folder SDA to SDE
                                                                         for isomenu
                                                                         Initial mode changed to emulation

NEWS: 18/05/12 Module 2 Firmware 1.6 released -> Added \boxzii folder SDA autoscan
                                                                         Added Fake sleep screen after PLAY
                                                                         Fixed Autoboot (broken in last fw)

NEWS: 08/05/12  Module 2 Firmware 1.5 released -> Added ISOMENU (Dash iso loader)

NEWS: 16/04/12  Module 1 Software 1.09b released -->

                         Added C4eva profiles autopatching & Support for 0225/0401/1071 fix

NEWS: 14/04/12  Module 2 Firmware 1.1 released --> (1.1b Please Redownload!!)

                         Added switches on touchable in-screen configuration

NEWS: 05/04/12  Module 2 Firmware 1.0 released (1.09 Module1 incoming soon)  -->

                        Added  C4EVA XGD3/XGD2 profiles autopatch (no patching required)
                        Added AUTOBOOT last played game function,Added new background
                        Modified intro screen
                        Added configuration options touchscreen(Doesn't require microsd on pc)
                        Added KIDS MODE (just POWER ON,SELECT your game COVER and PLAY)
                        Redesigned Drivemode menu
                        Enhanced list mode including styled font and cover icons of your game isos
                        0225/0401/1071 Liteon Fix ...


NEWS: 27/12/11  Module 1 upgrade Software plays XGD3 & 0800 XGD3 backups 
                         including SILENT UPGRADE titles, please check the README.TXT

NEWS: 23/12/11

Dear customers,our factory has informed the finish of the first Touchscreen Module 2 batch production, along the next weekend they will ship these first units to our warehouse,units will be shipped to resellers and reserves as soon as the stuff gets inside our offices...

Thanks for your patience and hope you enjoy our great Full Touchscreen ISO LOADER design,unique with Colour TFT coverflow system,built in USB hub and external kernel upgrades

We are proud to announce our agreement with C4EVA for technical support of any future MS upgrade ... trustment and skills from one of the best XB360 coders will be essential at future

NEWS: 23/8/11  BoxZii Module 1 FAT model Installation videotutorial released

NEWS: 24/8/11  BoxZii Module 1 SLIM model Installation videotutorial released

NEWS: 24/8/11  BoxZii Module 2 DEVELOMENT video preview   

NEWS: 14/10/11 Module 1 Remote ISO selection Android/Iphone Tutorials  Espa/Eng !!    


NOTE : Highly recommended remove top cover plate in Slim model !!

We are proud of present the coolest device for the XBOX 360 videogame console , enjoy HARD DRIVE CONNECTION or PC ISO Streaming 2IN1 solution and store all the disc game images supported ......    Boxzii includes two different functional modules ..